Wednesday, 20 February 2008

House websites

I thought I would put down some details on the house website this year.

it is running on one of my servers that I brought a couple of years ago. It has at least 1 gig of ram in the thing, however it only has a 4.3Gig hard drive.
I am running windows xp sp2, I know that it should be a linux system, but I am at least running my favourite three, apache, mysql and php. It is running an application called wampserver. A nice windows application that links in all the necessary applications. It has a shared folder in which wamp is installed to be able to copy across those important files across the network.
For the management of the 5 house websites, I am using wordpress. An individual installation for each house with its own database running in the background. Now for the fun stuff I have been playing around with today. I am running gallery2 on it to provide the photo albums of each event. this provides teh best of both words, no matter what computer I am on I can update the latest photos, it creates the thumbnails, resizes the images and can provide a slideshow of the day. One of the things I am most fearful of is that it will not be able to handle the load, I have looked at performance and modified the gallery2 control panel not to update the pages and counters every time, it will only do this every 6 hours, so at least I won't have the database crash. I am thinking that the server might be punished, so I will look at the load throughout the day Just worried about the network down to the server as it is coming off a 100meg connection that is shared off a classroom switch.It might need to be moved to another area where it has direct access off the frame itself. Now to get the video files working off it. And to free up more space as it only have 600 meg free space on the server. How to remove windows hotfixes?

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