Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Large class sizes

The beginning of every year is the same, unpack and setup the new computers, new teachers arrive at the school and are eager to get busy, the year 9 students turn up in crisp white and clean uniforms ready to begin their last five years at school and large classes.

Large classes of 30, or over 30 in some cases, we are told that they are still working out the students that are not returning or still on holiday, then there are the students that were refused access to the subject last july/august and are now in the subject because they have managed to get around the teacher and have pleaded there case to the deans and then the teacher finds that they are in the class with there mates. Hence they will struggle with the work as they will treat it as a social time. Hello class seating plan. Also there are a number of students who have managed to get into the class without the correct number of credits, I found one today with 42 credits in NCEA Level 1 that had got into computer programming, he hasn't got the maths or the literacy credits to even cope with the terminology or vocab required. We have prerequisites for a reason.

I find it difficult that we are supposed to be carrying out what the PPTA has fought for us in the STCA in which the school will endeavor to have an average class of 26.

So far I have
30 12 programmming students
18 13 programming students
24 13 web design students
15 9 inf students

I know that I am under the endeavor, but trying to teach 30 students visual basic is rather hard work.

To make matter worse I have a relief tomorrow, period 2. 12 intro to computing with 29 students.

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