Sunday, 24 February 2008

The future classroom?

I was informed the other day that the computer lab that I use will be returned to a normal classroom in two years, I was kind of surprised at this. Then talking a bit more to the guy he explained that in a couple of years everyone will have a laptop. He explained that the one they are looking at is about A5 in size, small screen and just a bit bigger than a pda. I knew then what he was talking about even though he didn't know the name of it. It is the ASUS eee pc.

Through a but more research I found out where he was getting the information from, from the site.

I have a number of friends with this ASUS eee pc's and they absolutely love them. Me however, I am waiting for a bigger hard drive and more RAM.
Available in New Zealand, it is called the ASUS eee pc and it is available from Dick Smith Electronics for around $599

From The site...
The RM Asus miniBook is the perfect choice for pupils; a genuine "anywhere, anytime access" device at a startlingly low price. Smaller than an A5 pad and weighing less than 1kg, it combines the portability and quick-start of a PDA with the capabilities of a notebook. Starting from only £169, the RM Asus miniBook is an exciting new category of device, set to fundamentally change ICT provision for pupils.

Perfect personal ownership device

The RM Asus miniBook is perfect for pupils to use at home, at school or on the move. Small and light enough to be taken anywhere, the robust design offers increased protection against the bumps and grinds of mobile computing in the education environment.

Everything a pupil requires for mobile computing
  • With a 7" screen and weighing less than 1Kg, it's smaller and lighter than many textbooks.
  • Robust solid-state hard drive provides fast boot-up / shut-down and preserves pupils' files.
  • Integrated webcam (4G model only), microphone and speakers for easy web video-conferencing.
  • Integrated 802.11b/g wireless and optional 3G module provide great connectivity.
  • Integrated card-reader and three USB 2.0 ports provide a simple way to add additional storage and easy connection for peripherals.
  • Full-size VGA-out for connection to projectors or monitors.
More details can be found here

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