Thursday, 7 February 2008

day one, first full day with students

Today started off differently, I arrived at work early to be able to get 18 machines running on the network, and to help get the student logins created. It was also the day that an outside technician decided to come in to replace a motherboard in one of the servers that stores the student profiles and network space. So with all the problems of getting your class going you were not able to get them going on the network.
I also had to get an order through to Natcoll to renew the schools license on the Creating Futures programme for our web design class as we use some of their assessments. One of the problems that this created was multiple phone calls from Natcoll Publishing wondering how many Visual Diaries we wanted. So three phones calls from them and one email later resulted in an order being processed. These will be sent out tomorrow.

So with this day progressing I went to my normal Thursday meeting after school every second thursday month. It was an interesting webmeet with the strangest program in development being presented. This is a wonderful and very different venture that is using flex and flash actionscript 3 to develop a world that can be controlled by you and created by you. Everything has been thought about from the stereo that plays through to the tv that plays youtube videos that you and a mate can watch. You can play pool, change a competition on the arcade games or draw on the wall with someone else.

Other things that need to start being done are the student email proposal to the Board of trustees, as well as a email to microsoft New Zealand asking about the Microsoft academic hugh school membership now that I have a contact inside microsoft through the meetup that will be able to pass the information onto the person concerned, Maybe there will be a part 5 in the microsoft education section of this blog.

Also checking the tki just up news feed today, I had a link to sent to me that might be useful for the graduate papers I am doing this year,

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