Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Mountain Biking

ah, the events for this year are large in number,

the link below is for the entry form for the secondary school nations

RACE DAYS:  Sunday March 16 Auckland XC Individual Champs

Saturday 12 April NZ Secondary School Champs Levin

Sunday 13 April NZ Secondary School Champs Levin

Saturday May 10 Moonride 12 Hour race in teams

Sunday 1 June Winter Series Race 1

Sunday 29 June Winter Series Race 2

Sunday 10 August Winter Series Race 3

Sunday 7 September Winter Series Race 4

I have tried to find as many of these as possible, now I need to figure out where I can put in the training rides for these. Also need to figure out a way to make the $100 for travel, accommodation and entry not seem so much,

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