Saturday, 5 July 2008


On Tuesday I have been invited to attend a workshop on a 3d programming language called alice. It should be interesting as it uses Java as it main driver. . I will give more details later on including what was covered throughout the day. Oh well, it is the holidays

Alice is an object oriented programming language and development environment designed to teach novices to program by using 3D animated objects. Although it was designed for a target audience of 8th grade (13 year-old) girls, it is now being used successfully to attract both male and female students to computer science at higher education levels as well.

The language was developed by Randy Pausch, then at the University of Virginia and now at Carnegie Mellon.

It is named Alice after Lewis Carroll's "Alice in Wonderland—Through the Looking Glass".

There is development on a programming module here that I am interested in using with my junior classes

Read this document on Scribd: Programming Module

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