Monday, 7 July 2008

Network Use Agreement

It has been three years since I went to the netsafe ict administrators level 1 course and next term will be the first we have a network use agreement that all students and their parents have to sign. It has bene a long road with blocks appearing as people dont want to handle 1800+ forms that have to be check and filed away. This gives the school a little more backup when dealing with electronic data and students that have been naughty. It has been a fight between education and policy. But my fight has been you need policy to be able to educate else it doesn't mean anything. The next thing that I am aiming to do is to get a staff network use agreement up and going, the reason behind this is that it is to protect the school as it then can be a dismissable offence. Great eh, though even if you are in employment elsewhere you would probably have had to sign something. It is part of the workplace now.
having the students sign this now allows us to get the student email accounts fully running, though I can see we may have more problems with data caps as a result.

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