Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Professional Development

what did i get out of todays professional development?
  • I got, how to use Alice to teach basic principles of computer programming.
  • where i need to heading in computer science.
  • resoures through the use of sceniarios to teach basic principles through story telling.
  • a development environment that is not complex, though it has yet to be finished off, with alice 3.0 intergrating the sims charcters.
  • the conversations in the breaks, these are the ones which you wis you could take a tape recorder to, to play back afterwards,
  • the last lecture is a must thst I have to watch and listen to, available on youtube.
  • contacts with my old lecturers so I can align courses that are helpful to them.
  • the ability to show off what the students have been doing with scratch.
  • a way of aligning sustainability with the new curriculum, this needs to have some more thought and be developed some more before it can be presented back to the department/school.
  • a sense that some things haven't changed much in the eight years that I left tertiary study.
oh and the data plans came out today for the iphone, $80 a month, it is an extra $40 than I am paying now, can I afford it, I think not. Maybe I just get a iPod touch instead.

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