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NACCQ IT Careers Forum

Career planning for it students - career services

piloting an electronic template in career planning

careers sersevices - overview of what is career services

government agency

interactive tools, salary ranges, training requirements, interviews, cv and cover letteer templates

background to the project, the conversations and research that took place taht started of the development of the project.

benefits of developing a career plan

give you an advantage of recognizing and anticipating change in job market
your in control of career - self management
tracks personal progression
provides examples to employers that you are someone with potential
clear focuses on progression through training
The plan consists of a series of templates, will identify career progression

Presentation, quiz, shortage areas, key attributes for IT Professionals, employability in the 21st century workplace, workbook, templates and resources
workshop, presented to three small groups, went through templates with the groups, completed by email correspondence

Students come out with complete career plan,
they can use this for, CVs, cover letter, interview skills/material
Plan is a living document that can be updated as career progresses
It is a pilot, there are improvements that can be done as we work through this.

NZCS Forum

Technology Achievement Standards

What was done 10 years ago does not work now, we have moved on since word processors, spreadsheet and databases. 

We are using Technology Achievement Standards and the current unit standards because there is nothing else to use. We are there to teach the students using current assessment processes, We want these processes changed.

Three new ventures, 

NZC New Zealand Curriculum

Achievement Standards Review, MOE

Computing unit standards set by NZQA.

Existing standards may be modified or replaced with new ones.

Hybrid courses could use a range of AS from different Learning Areas.

Given the ICT sector and PPTA and undertaking to convene an expert panel drawn form all interest groups. Mandated to be with the new curriculum in 2010


reject the comment that was in the report was wrong.

there is a problem, it needs to be fixed. People throughout the country are in agreement. 

The AS are not in place, no development, no body looking after. Needs to be brought into alignment.


Not against Tech AS, they have a purpose and have a place. There is a place for these standards, good for getting students to get a real world project, planning, arranging a project. There is a place not for them. They do teach skills, working a project through, planning a project, valuable and specific, maybe MUSAC could use these skills to develop there own software. NZQA and NCEA is still to be used. We can crate courses that captivate and engage our students, mixing these standards with others.


Teachers who are struggling, we all teach differently, 20 year timeframe that is still going, we are in a industry that keeps changing. ICT/Computing/ Digital Technology, keeps increasing. We are lost, we do not have the clout, ability, organisation to help us. 

If Secondary teachers do not do there job in ICT, tertiary will not get students, business will not get ICT capable students. Has to be teacher led.

we have to look to the future, how can we make it work. someone's to work on own behalf.
these things are done ever so slowly, we cannot afford to do this, as our industry is forever changing. Lets use the gifts of the Computer Society, the PPTA

DTG starts at year 11, needs to be started earlier.

Australia Guy, lost in the curriculum, key learning areas come under seven brackets, how do you put technology into ICT, or ICT into technology. No national support in ICT here in New Zealand.

ICT cluster, most of the teachers are uneducated in what they are teaching. Teachers haven’t got the skills to be able to teach what is required. There is a level that is not being addressed. Typing backgrounds or other backgrounds, not specific ICT teachers. Howard, skill shortage in ICT skills in New Zealand and this is in teaching. Teacher capability is not there. Teaching does not have the drawcard power, money, time. People coming in from a creative background, digital media, english graduates with media and film. theatre studies. How does this help us? It is in the minority as the youngsters are concerned. Moris Alford form Linton High school uses the CISCO academy, he finds that code cutting, students not interested.

Young people is changing, end user experience.

If the government is prepared to acknowledge that there is a gap, tertiary is able to help.

Approved subjects, losing students because of the approved subjects.

Moris article, would students be happy if they had to write briefs, they are happier doing an industry exam rather than briefs, planning, gnatt charts. 

Who isn’t happy with what we have done? Who like the Achievement Standards, Internal ones being used. How many are passing moderation. Computing teachers being creative in interpreting standards.

no UE approved from computer skills, but will not be able to enter uni.

students don’t understand programming, programs are how computers work, the basics will help you with understanding, problem solving, developing projects, life skill? What a program is, what a variable is.

a sense of hope that something is being done to address this issue.

how do I change the outcome of a game, this is a problem when we cannot have any assessment in it. Students are hooked into computing but they don’t want to just do word processing.

Howard, we have problem with teacher capability, we don’t have people that are like ourseleves available to offer high level computer coming in or being offered ways to upskill.

Are we dumbing down the subject? Where is computer science going?


Assessment has been a major project that has come out as part of this work.
What is currently being taught is being looked at and developed, The DTG is looking at 

Information management, school certificate typing in Drag. the place of IM will be considered along withe the other AS under the AS review.

Why start at year 11, it is too late.

Year 1 to 9 is dealt with by the NZC, it is up to the school to develop.

What is a guideline, it is a support document that supports the new Curriculum

it recognizes that other subjects need to use technology, embracing technology in other subjects.

The computing stuff at the moment is laughable.

Has 2780 changed? asked MoE, this has not changed much in the years it has been out.

Draft Unit Standards are excellent, they are being held over until the other review process goes through

What are ghost credits? disadvantage when using NACCQ courses or CISCO courses, don’t appear on their record of learning.

the language needs addressing in the achievement standards.

NZQA has been told that they can release the new computing unit standards, MoE has told them that. NZQA probably need to finish their process yet.

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