Monday, 14 July 2008

Subject Choice system up to version 0.2a

Today was all about getting the fuctionality of the system up and going and the requirement of the various year levels working properly, below are just some of the features that i had been working on, some took me more time to implement as I had to learn how to use them using phpmyadmin just to get the syntax right.
i also started looking at getting the uptodate unit and achievement standards in, however the files are rather large, I am looking at approx 42 meg of text and these have a problem, they also include all the expired unit and achievement standards

I am working on having a release date this week due to the timeframes that are involved.

Also you may asking why am I versioning this app, the reason is I don't want to break it all, just a small component, that means if I do do some major damage like I did earlier in the build, I deleted a whole section and saved it, notepad only undoes once, not multiple times.

Overview of the system
login-form.php logging in
login-exec.php check the database to see if the user exists, and checks against the md5 password
member-index.php the main form that the student uses to fill in all the required fields
member-confirm.php a page that displays the information so the student can check the details, if there is anything wrong they hit the back button
member-finished.php does all the entries into the database

Version 0.1c

  • If they are year 13 then they have to have 13stu
  • If they are year 12 they have to have 12eng
  • If they are year 11 they have to have 11mat 11eng 1gym/fin/hea
  • Can a year 13 take year 12 subjects, yes this has been included, all years can take the previous years class, apart from year 11 who cannot take year 10.
  • AJAX working to display information about subjects. This just needs a clean up, as there is an issue with formatting not coming through, will have to implement HTML tags to clean up.
  • School and version created in a table, and reads into footer.php which is included on all pages at the bottom of the page.
Version 0.1d
  • Included a way to make changes to subjects you have already selected, using a function in mySQl that is MySQL INSERT … ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE syntax
  • If you have filled in the form already , it will display what you chose last time
  • Added in reserve options, in case you don’t get the options that you chose. These have been implemented as reserve1 and reserve2
  • You don't have to fill in all options, there is no error checking on that yet. Is this a requirement
Version 0.2a
  • added in returning to school, this will be shown as Yes, No, Not Sure, but when it goes into the database it is a number, 1, 2, 3. What you selected when you filled in the form originally will be shown when you enter in again.

Still to do,

make more of it using session ids rather than $_POST information through?
Tidy up Curriculum Guide - implement fck editor
Career goal? does this need to be added
Cleaning up the interface, css and maybe boxes around certain items this is the fieldset and legend html tags this allows you to put the information into boxes, I have still to figure out how many of these to create and where to put them, but it seems simple enough, 1 box around the 6 subjects, and another around the two reserve input fields, also are you planning on returning next year, for the selection. As well as another one around the details of the subject. Might use pencil in firefox, an addon to do some design work. on how it might look.

Final outputs - KAMAR and who hasn't filled it in.

  • ideas on how to put a file out to a csv file.
  • for the KAMAR export use "SELECT concat( '2009T_', id ) AS id, sub1, sub2, sub3, sub4, sub5, sub6, res1, res2 FROM subject_new"; though I am probably going to have to put a year
    Done Completed - Version 0.2
  • Note this needs to be fixed, add identifier in so we can use it for multiple years, maybe in the custom table
  • Have used the same code but modified to see is filled = 0, this is to see if teh students have not filled in the form
    Done Version 0.2b

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