Monday, 7 July 2014

Feedback reflection

One thing I need to do more of and often is feedback...

We have weekly notes at school, that look at a student each week, 1 to 5. Gives a good overall view of where the student is at, however...

What about the student in the classroom, meeting the curriculum, how much feedback am I giving them...

I saw this last year, and have been thinking how I could incorporate something like this into my classroom.

Looking at curriculum objectives, rather than assessment objectives.
Sample feedback form
I know that this is something that there is some interest in, being able to provide feedback in specific curriculum objectives. How does a student know what they need to improve on... How does one remember what feedback has already been given.

I ask myself these questions, I have a student in my class who needs a lot of help, I am feeling that I need to provide them with specific feedback for their learning. Also behaviour in class. A record of this would assist with the meetings that I am now having and will continue to have. I need the positive as well as the negative.

One thing I keep thinking about is getting this information to students, one way could be to use a pdf generator to be able to created these documents, save them and email them. That way they keep there look and feel. could be one way of doing this.

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