Friday, 18 July 2014

#NZCTech day six update

Another response back from a colleague,

This teacher found some of the indications for Tech systems quite confusing and hacked at them a bit to come up with these simpler objectives
  • L3: describe a technological system using specialised language and symbols
  • L4: explain transformation processes within a system
  • L5: explain transformation properties of subsystems
What kind of thing would you do with these?
  • At level 3, describe tech systems in terms of input/process/output using diagrams would work ... 
  • At level 4 you can use the csunplugged data representation resources to cover transformation processes (transformation of data into images) etc etc
  • At level 5 you get into subsystems ... as my junior course set kids up for both digital & electronic I look at things like TV remotes, input (buttons), transformation (encoding of data) and output (IR LED and modulation of light)
This is still work in progress and although I cover it I do not assess it very well. Too much to do ... not enough time.

Going by this, I think I am going down the right track.

If I am having this trouble, and it looks like others are as well, is the technology curriculum actually being taught? Or is it just parts of it?

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