Saturday, 19 July 2014

#NZCTech day 7 IDA

Another teacher has identified some resources that they use for the Tech Systems: Identify, Describe, Analyse. This project is tarting to clarify some ideas on what i could do for my students.

The teacher had a good long talk to teachers of social science about "demonstrating understanding" within Technology systems, technology modelling and external portfolios. One thing that was suggested was the use of an activity called an IDA activity within the Junior schools to start developing kids ability to identify, describe, analyse.

Here are a number of examples I have made:

Tech Systems: Subsystems (L5/6) Ultimate Cup

Tech Systems: Subsystems (L5/6) Remote Control

Tech Modelling: Forms of modelling (L5/6) Mobile Wire framing

Information Management (L6) Folder Management

Key ideas within this IDA activity are that it always starts with an Image ... Kids learn to extract information from the image, identify what is happening, describe issues, themes, analyse stuff, improve on, etc

Although I end up with the same issue, these are based around electronics. I think I am going to have to develop some around programming. 

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