Sunday, 6 July 2014

Self Reflection

Term 2 has been a very short and very one. Students are already acting like they are on holiday, little work being carried out in class. Though there is some light at the end of a tunnel. 2 week break, in which I hope they gather some much needed energy replacement.

Level 2 is currently working through programming in Python.With materials supplied through the schools learning managing system students have the opportunity to develop their programming skills outside of class however only a few have. It seems that the students think that they can only do work within the classroom. There seems to be three groups within the class, those that are enjoying the challenge and doing work outside of class, those that are doing the work in class, and those that show little interest. However, the last group is one that has shown little interest in the subject so far. It is these students that we need to target next term.
The class has also been home to a project of late. The web rangers nz project. This provide a team of six to develop an idea that could make a difference online. The looking at cyberbullying and possible idea of making change were the target of a workshop in the last holidays. The students gained a good level of experience working within a group environment and had their issues, some that are still being worked on. The team did not place, which was unfortunate.

Programming, students completed the programming assessment to a very high standard. Though I would probably look at changing the way this is carried out next year. 11 Periods is too long for them. I thought it would take longer to do. The students enjoyed the Level 3 programming challenge. This allowed them to gain skills in GUI interfaces. The step up of learning from level 2 includes classes and the GUI development. I think the longer programme time this year has enabled them to look at the merit and excellence a lot more. Though it is difficult to show the excellence when one students worked on it for a long time out of class. We need to look at a github or source versioning system where students submit there work so we can gather the length of time it takes.
This is something that seriously needs looked at, as there is a part of the merit grade which this accounts for. I need to modify my resources to allow this to happen.
"following a disciplined design and implementation process, with documented cycles of incremental development and comprehensive testing process", what would be considered appropriate for this assessment.

Media, need to focus on tasks, need to stick to timelines. The media class has been busy learning php/mysql. At least the moderation for this course has come back positive. It is however a concern at the amount of time certain tasks take. Like a brief, students should have sorted this out by now and carried out the research, it is the research that they are struggling with. How do you look at what someone else has done, what other ideas could be brought into your project. If you are going to map data, how are you going to do it. These are the parts that that students are struggling with. Gathering more specifications and requirements when waiting for data to be returned.

Developing software, one web application is for learning support to add helpers to students to meet their SAC conditions. This started off due to a conversation between a student and the learning support person, why don't you make the whiteboard available online. Ideas of google calendars, docs and spreadsheets can about, but there was one thing that was wrong with them, they were just a little too complicated. A system as as easy as putting in ones name, class and SAC condition is all that is needed, and the helpers log in and assign themselves to that person. Need to finish off adding students, SAC Conditions, school timetable and login details.
The other is to support a PE assessment, we started off the year with a google form, great... however as the year goes by there is more information and reflection to happen. This is nearly complete, just need to finish off the database integration and the look and feel of the site.
I need to learn how to design a better UX.

Fusion Tables development, I have taken to looking at developing an idea for a course, so far I am not too sure where it is heading or what level.
I am looking at the crash data from nzta for a number of years, this will allow me to plot the data within Google fusion tables, however northing and easting and causing a number of issues and I have found out that I need to convert these into GSP cooordinates, something I am researching how to do at the moment. However, it will allow me to put in addresses, something I have used for a couple of test projects at the moment, I have exported all address out of our student management system and created a map of where all of our students live. We have also just carried this out on our enrollments for next year as well, this has normally been done with a ruler and a street map. Though it has made the office staff look at the data they are entering and have had to make some changes, for the better anyway.

Classroom behaviour, I have been observing one class this term and it has been rather interesting, in the last two weeks they have started moving seats. I have no seating plan for my classes, the students have sat in the same place all this time until two weeks ago, I wonder what has happened to cause that?

Codeclub, netduino development. For the past 15 weeks during school time I have been part of a project called codeclub. This is a project that started off overseas and has come to New Zealand through three people in industry. The idea was born out of a two week startup concept. There is an issue that is going to become more of an issue soon. New Zealand has two main exports, Dairy and Meat export. Software development is already a large exporter, but its not something that people can see, like containers on a ship, it is in dollars...
Here is a poster available from that shows the businesses dealing with Information technology in Canterbury

#hackyrclass - wish I had been able to do more with this project. Some of the ideas sounded like a challenge. It did make me go out and find something a little different,

The whiteboard film can go on any surface, and is low tactile that it can be used again and again.

I will leave my reflection there for now...
Some things to work on next term.
Computer Science,
Time Management,
Dealing with restorative sessions.

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