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#NZCTech Day 10 Looking at Tech systems from a senior level

Excerpt from the systems explanatory paper

Operational parameters of systems refer to the boundaries and/or conditions within which the system has been designed to function. These concepts are important to understand when establishing the fitness for purpose of technological systems. Ethics play a significant part in the decisions around reliability and redundancy, as improvements in both these areas within a system inevitably comes with associated costs.

Technological systems in the junior technology programme
If you are attempting 91050, 91360, and/or 91614 
it is critically important to cover the Technological systems component at curriculum levels 3, 4, 5

Technological systems in the junior technology programme
Comments from the NCEA assessment reports:
  • had a limited understanding of what a system is
  • described non-technological systems such as managerial or organisational systems.
  • misunderstood what a subsystem is referring to components as subsystems e.g. LEDs

Technological systems
What is a technological system in terms of input / transformation / output and how technological systems differ from other systems.

Technological systems at curriculum level one
Students can:
  • identify the components of a technological system and how they are connected
  • identify the input/s and output/s of particular technological systems
  • Identify that a system transforms an input to an output.

Technological systems at curriculum level three

Students can:
  • describe what ‘black box’ refers to within a technological system and the role of particular black boxes within technological systems
  • identify possible advantages and disadvantages of having black boxed transformations within particular technological systems
  • describe how the components, and how they are connected, allow particular systems to be technical feasible and socially acceptable
  • describe particular technological systems using specialised language and symbol conventions.

Contexts to study systems

Technological systems
Don’t have to be ‘hi-tech’ systems

Programme planning
So…how is understanding of the Technological Systems component developed in your junior technology programme?

How is understanding of the Technological Systems component developed throughout your senior courses?

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