Monday, 8 October 2007

First Aid

We have been offered First Aid training at school, however this was during the holidays and I have been busy with other things like the ULearn conference. So when this came up in one of my emails from woodhill, I jumped at the chance and emailed the Deputy Principal straight away...

--- Email below ---

I was wondering if the school could pay for me to attend one of these first aid courses, it does meet a more specific need rather than the general first aid courses that have been on offer this year as I look after Mountain Biking, and it might be useful for me as the injures I have had this year are Mountain Bike specific (2 cracked ribs, a 3 inch gash on the left arm, and a fractured right shoulder).

14 October, $55 at Woodhill Forest, Hellensville.

I hope I get to go... three hours of training instead of 8 hours, sweet!

Extra Information
Well I get to go, early morning rise on Sunday morning, not too sure if I will take my bike though, still got a sore shoulder and haven't started physio yet on it.

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