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Hacker High School Movies

There were several scenes in The Italian Job (2003)
(http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0317740/) where Seth Green plays a hacker. The most memorable scene for me is where he hacks into the city's traffic control system to create traffic jams so that the thiefs have a clear get away path, and the cops can't get to them due to the backed up cars. This scene is closer to the end of the movie. I think Seth even mentions a popular exploit in order to get into the system.

My students and I were talking about this as they were trying to talk me into playing more movies for them.

Their favorite was Office Space (1999)
http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0151804/. There is a scene where they're planning to insert some code in the company's code that will take the fractions of a penny, and instead of rounding it off, it will take that fraction and deposit them into a secret account. The idea being that tens of thousands of transactions a day will add up very quickly. The funny part of this is where they're sitting around a kitchen table discussing the idea and trying to get the third person involved. At some point they say "This doesn't go anywhere beyond the three of us.", and you hear the neighbor from next door shout "Don't worry man, I won't tell anyone".

Finally, if you would like more accurate portrayal of how hackers are portrayed, there's the movie Freedom Downtime (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0309614/), which is an excellent documentary.
Many interviews with and about hackers. I showed this movie to my class, and this is what got them attempting to talk me into showing more movies.

I'm sure there's many more, but I'll give others a chance. I would also be happy to assist with this project should there be need.

This may need some translation
* Terminator III: Rise of the Machines
En la mitad de la pelcula aparece un virus incontrolable que parece infectar todos los servidores importantes en el mundo, sin ninguna atencin al tipo de servidor. Luego, el general a cargo de la construccin de Skynet "activa" a Skynet, para darse cuenta segundos despus que en realidad era la misma Skynet la que estaba simulando un virus a escala mundial (What?!?).

* El imperio contraataca
R2D2 abriendo las puertas de la ciudad BESPIN, ahi, ademas de abrir las puertas, el computador de la ciudad le "cuenta" que han deshabilitado el hiperimpulsor.

* Juegos de guerra:
al comienzo, cuando el protagonista entra al computador del colegio y cambia sus notas ...

Otra ... el protagonista busca la forma de entrar al computador que le ofrece juegos y encuentra que el nombre del hijo del creador de la maquina es Joshua ... que resulta ser un password back door

* Matrix III
Triniti debe hackear un edificio y se conecta a una consola para hacer "ssh -l" a un terminal y luego utiliza nmap para hacer un port scanning

Otra ... caminar por los pasillos ocultos al operador que son las backdoors de las maquinas

* Star trek la Ira de Khan
Kirk enva un codigo de deshabilitacin a la nave que habia raptado khan para hacerse del control remopoto (un backdoor)

* El da de la independencia
Cuando insertan con un mac un virus en el sistema extraterrestre que lo inutiliza (aunque la pelicula es super debil en lo tecnico, esta escena es representativa).

* Mission Impossible
dos escenas al entrar al cuartel de la CIA, activan las alarmas de incendio para violar la seguridad fisica del edificio. Se saltan las barreras de proteccin

Otra, cuando utilizan un bloqueador de seales de celulares.

Translation Spanish to English

In half of pelcula it appears an uncontrollable virus that it seems to infect all the important servants in world, without none atencin to the type of servant. Soon, general in charge of construccin of “active” Skynet a Skynet, to occur to account seconds despus that in reality was the same Skynet the one that was simulating virus on world-wide scale (What).

* The contraataca empire
R2D2 opening the doors of city BESPIN, there, besides to open the doors, the computer of the city him “it tells” that they have deshabilitado the hyperimpeller.

* Games military:
in the beginning, when the protagonist enters the computerof the school and she changes his notes…

Another one… the protagonist looks for the form to enter computer that offers games to him and finds that name of the son of the creator of the machine is Joshua… that back turns out to be password door

* Matrix III
Triniti must hackear a building and it is connected to a console in order to do “ssh - l” to a terminal and soon uses nmap stops to do port scanning

Another one… to walk by the hidden corridors to the operator whom they are backdoors of the machines

* Star trek the Wrath of Khan
Kirk enva a code of deshabilitacin to the ship that habia raptado they khan to become of the control remopoto (backdoor)

* It gives of independence
When they insert with mac a virus in the system extraterrestrial that makes unusable it (although the film is super weak in the technician, this scene is representative).

* Mission Impossible
two scenes when entering the quarter of the company, activate fire alarms to violate the physical security of building. The barriers of proteccin skip

Another one, when they use a blocking one of seales of cellular.

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