Monday, 22 October 2007

Microsoft XNA: A Primer

Trying to find some more information on teacher microsoft XNA development to year 13 students. Using and the search term homebrew I came across this article

"Over at the education site Game Career Guide, they've got an in-depth primer of Microsoft's XNA, including interviews with Julie Ellen and Joe Nalewabau of Microsoft about the PC and Xbox 360 indie/student homebrew construction tool, as well as chats with two developers (Benjamin Nitschke and Alex Okafor) who have worked with XNA to some notable effect. Microsoft's Ellie claims of the efforts: 'Homebrew and independent developers are often very talented and have lots of creative ideas. Being able to officially write games directly for a retail console right at home is a first and could be very empowering for them. For the homebrew and indie scene to succeed we need to provide two things: great tools and access to a large audience. We're working on both.'"

Some of the sites that are listed are also offers video tutorials - there's an amazingly comprehensive set there too, with everything from installation, right through to information on physics engines, and an immense number of topics in between.
hosts a number of interesting written tutorials on subjects like installation and how to find the first tutorial within the XNA download, as well as source code and instructions for developing a Tetris clone, and a simple controllable 2D sprite. also hosts a variety of tutorials, with a well put together series on map tile engine creation, plus they offer links to more advanced subjects like 3D engine solutions and stroke based text rendering.

Last, but certainly not least, is, which hosts tutorials, news, a gallery of user uploaded XNA titles, forums and developer blogs, and provides and excellent hub for the XNA community.

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