Monday, 29 October 2007

Thinking Skills

As we look at the new curriculum some learning needs to be involved, that is what this blog has been all about:

As I look around the internet a website fostered my interest

One site has a number of thinking tools
"With the help of technology, teachers will be leaders in the transformation of education around the world." – Craig R. Barrett – Chairman, Intel Corporation

Free tools and resources for educators support collaborative student-centered learning. Online thinking tools are active learning places where students engage in robust discussions, pursue investigations, analyze complex information, and solve problems.

Key Stage 4 handbook for teachers
Key Stage 4 school training manual
Leading in Learning: developing thinking skills at Key Stage 3
Also found a video on Thinking Skills

one of the other things found is netsafe information, although it doesn't go with this title it could help with the US 2781
I am now thinking of get a del. account :(

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