Saturday, 13 October 2007


It has come to that time of year again, just seems like I just finished the last set of reports not so long ago. Senior Reports are due tuesday. Just as another online conference comes along. It seems to be deja-vu again. The last time this happened it was the time4online conference in New Zealand. As I watch the pre conference key note speaker in the k12onlineconference I look at the airport in the background of his video and think, maybe I need a holiday.

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oneteachersview said...

reports were due to be completed by 1:30pm today so they could be printed and given to the deans to do there work. This is what was on the piece of paper that was circulated to all staff. Now we get an extra day due to they stuffed up Thursday morning PD, this was to check reports. Now they have increased a day, when everyone has already got there reports finished and ready for the deans. I love catching them out. The deans now have one less day to do them.