Saturday, 20 October 2007

KnowledgeNET meeting

At a cluster meeting discussing many of the new features that will be coming out in January.

Review of how changes that the group came up with in previous meetings have been demonstrated and fine tuning asked for. I start to wonder why these changes don't come in sooner, and the answer is that they are still in "Alpha" or "Beta" stages and need to go out to "beta" schools.
Looking at SCORM compliance and how these could be incorported into KN. Looked at

A website was demonstrated during the break called

Review of the Interoperability project, musac and knowledgenet were the joint SMS<->LMS operators chosen.
These have been mostly primary schools and one secondary school, so some features that should have been added for secondary schools haven't been yet.

Now this leads to a common problem, Professional Development. We are undertaking this at school with the KnowledgeNET product. Now if everything datview have said today the PD that we do this year will be out of date in January as knowledgeNET will be undergoing some major development changes, in the way it looks and by what it provides for teachers and students. Do we do the development now or hold off?

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