Saturday, 6 October 2007

One conference finishes, another one starts

Just getting over the last conference, ULearn07 and I notice on my calender that the next one is due to start. K12 Online Conference, Just a pity that it is getting to be a busy time of year. Guess I will just have to make time for it.

Just a comment on the ULearn Conference, it only seems to be in Auckland that people walk out of things before they have finished. I noticed this when I went to a warriors game last year that people walk out when they are losing, this happened also at the end keynote Tony Ryan sitting at the back near the door I noticed lots of people leaving during the keynote. Pity they missed a wonderful and thought provoking keynote speaker.

And I will be going back to school monday and asking why noone from school attended the conference, considering it was in Auckland. We are supposed to a be lead ICT School, and staff didn't attend. I don't think anyone from the ICTPD cluster went. I was lucky that I managed to get in as a presenter and also on someone elses ticket as they couldn't make the ther two days. Though I would like to see Ewans keynote address, I heard people rave about it for two days. The reason why I didn't ask to go was that I have been to an Navcon Conference before and also to TENZ conference earlier this year. Let someone else go. I will however be attending the one in Christchurch between the 8-10 October next year.   

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