Wednesday, 3 October 2007

ULearn07 Day One

Information from yesterdays keynote

The following is my recording of notes during Steve Maharey and Ewan MacIntosh’s keynotes this morning….will update the links later.
Excuse grammar spelling and general lack of any sense making….these are my notes

RU Blogging this…

Steve Maharey - Personalising learning in a digital age How do we make use of the new technology in our schools.

A changing world Maurice Williams - parliament ICT guru. Do you know you will be able to walk into your fridge to be a certain temp in a certain time?

Nano Technology - science of extremely small things. The future of our world. How do we prepare our kids for this? Sir Ken Robertson - genetics, information communication coming together. Science exists for us to have information entirely on hand and in day to day minute to minute.

Our educations aren’t what our kids need to know. Very content based PASSIVE LEARNING - changing to finding the content - access, compile, create, reflect - ACTIVE LEARNING How do you personalise learning? Effective teaching Assessment for learning - form up the learnings, constant feedback

Flexible Curriculum - No need for a prescriptive curriculum, where they are to the outcome , suits the context of the learners

Engaged families - Professional leadership model- not just from principals but from throughout the school

ICT- Is the tool to achieve the last five points. not just adopting it for the sake of learning but using ICT as a tool to be more engaging for the learner. Technological competencies - one of the eight new learning areas for the new curriculum. Use it as everyday practise. Critical about it, why they use it, how they use it rather than just that they can use it. Implications socially, environmentally, mentally. Ethics come into it. Children like to use it. “I know I can do it myself” Networked learning for teachers and students: useful and easy for digital immigrants. Nelson Loop. replicate it nationwide ($$) Assessment for learning - radio stations, sophistication of the kids doing the media. Podcasting/television stations. the APPLICATION of the information as opposed to the regurgitation of the information. ULTIMATE GOAL IS TO LEARN!!! Student management and learning management systems becoming connected. E mentoring - able to pull the distance together. Professional discussions without having to be there.

Trying to find equity of access. BEING DIGITAL IN THE FUTURE

Keynote #1 Ewan MacIntosh Leading Edge

HARNESSING TECHNOLOGY ON AN EVER CHANGING WORLD What is private? WHo am I? Public face - teacher Identity 2.0 - Secret spaces (sms, IM, mobile) Group Spaces - Bebo, Facebook, Tagged, etc Publishing Spaces - LiveJournal, Blogger, Flickr, Performing spaces - second life, world of warcraft, home etc participation space - marches, meeting, markets, event Watching spaces - tv, gigs, theatre, All of these spaces going on in the classroom??

FEAR: Always loathing? As soon as social networking is mentioned, FEAR sets in. Can find out what the kids are doing.

The Bass Player;s Blog

overplaning - teachers who don’t teach ICT set out to plan and follow t through to the end. Happy accidents aren’t allowed to happen. Getting off subject can help with the understanding. Are we allowed to fail???

The Pepsi Challenge

Thin Slicing - Blink Malcolm Gladwell. Going to see technology for a thin amount of time. Will go No or Yes!!

Digital Holiday Makers - Maggie Irving. Moved away from the natives vs immigrants. Holidaymakers can be at any age. People come along and try something new for awhile but then go back to their old styles/

WHY BOTHER? 1991 www released - has education changed since then to reflect the changing technology? 2001 - Blogging and sharing became normal SOMETHING HAS CHANGED SOMETHING HAS TO CHANGE Scotland and NZ two of the best places to see the change. - stupid? waste of time? useless? Placed on youtube and near to 841,498 views, 8041 comments, 9102 ratings - PEEr ASSESSMENT Cup stacking - how long do kids spend learning this new phenomena compared to school?

ICT -emerging technologies make the biggest impact.. Emerging practises make the biggest impact - uncertainty, not knowing what they are, role of students, role of teachers.

1. Audience is critical.

2 new blogs every second. Max audience in school is 30 - 19th century classroom. 21st century classroom - 300,000 readers of Ewan’s blog

2. Creativity has to have an audience. Flickr - stories in 5 frames. Lego vignettes. 6 word stories.

3. Differentiate nature of the task and allowing the kids to find their own niche in the task.

4. Authenticate goals: travel journal. blogs get away from officialdom. micro writing - social interaction can help it. 5. It’s not about the technology numeracy scores went up by 2% when they were playing computer games.

four challenges

Media literacy and the role of the teacher - what is my role? Do I believe in it? Knowing when to teach and when to stand back and learn from the kids.

Death by risk aversion - fear of not taking risks. Ban things that don’t understand. Care about the comments the kids are leaving. Inverse relationship between control and understanding.

Spreading the culture - turn the people around me into trainers. use the ideas of colleagues and students “ask the kids”. Learn to deliver the messages without making people afraid.

Make it sustainable - change your game when necessary. don’t become a holiday maker.

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