Wednesday, 24 October 2007

House Name Change

More grief over the name changes today, the reason for this is that they have been released to staff. Anything that is released to staff is almost instantly said to students by form teachers.
The feedback from the staff is that the Pohutakawa House name is too long, why are there two K's (Kauri and Kowhai) and that if we are to continue to use the Red, Green, Gold, and Blue that the name change is just a farce.

It needs some more thinking.

If we are to use the trees as the identify of the houses then we need need to change the systems in the school to the new system. Instead of R10, G10, B10, and O10, it gets changes to R10, P10, K10 and T10. the T could be changed to Totara House instead of Kauri House.
Identity of the houses and providing values to the students was what pushed the changes in the first place, it has been killed with the current solution.

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